American Jewish Film Festival

JEWZY proudly presents an American first

It is unique: not based in a city, exclusively online and available in all US states.

Inspired by the OSCARS*, JEWZY aims to uphold excellence in Jewish filmmaking, to inspire imagination, positivity and understanding through filmmaking. 

‘It’s a great idea. There’s never been a Jewish festival like it,’ says Yan Fisher-Romanovsky, Executive Producer of PAPILLON (2017). ‘After all, TV truly attracts and unites ALL American Jews. And connects us to Israel without upsetting anyone.’

Eve Pomerance, Producer of hit movie SON OF THE SOUTH added: ‘It’s an exciting way for people to engage in their ‘Jewishness’ without leaving home.’ 

Nominations are now open for Best Jewish Comedy, Best Jewish American Film, Coolest Jewish Film, Best Israeli Film and many more.

Winners will receive ‘The Hand of JEWZY’ trophy, inspired by the Priests of King Solomon’s Temple. Their hand gesture, seen in the festival logo, accompanied the blessing of the Children of Israel, a practice that continues to this day in synagogues (although thanks to Leonard Nimoy, many may think of it as the ‘Vulcan’ salutation in Star Trek).

Like the Priests, the American Jewish Film Festival aims to project all that is positive and good in the Jewish people.

Unlike “City” Film Fests, for less than the price of the popcorn, viewers will get to see the whole festival, not just one movie. This is in addition to unlimited viewing of all the movies and TV shows regularly on JEWZY TV. JEWZY is fast becoming the go-to place for Jewish streaming TV.


Call for Entries

Wootliff challenges filmmakers and distributors: ‘Do they make ‘Jewish’ cool, exciting, entertaining?
Entries are now welcome. Enter below.
Winners will be announced 30th September and shown on JEWZY TV for the following five days.
The Hollywood producers of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING have entered the soon-to-be-released TANGO SHALOM starring Lainie Kazan.
TANGO featured as the festival’s Opening Movie at a preview on 8 th August exclusively before theatrical release.