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If you love Jewish Cinema and TV, we have good news


Sure, you can find a bits of Jewish TV here and there, but if want the single perfect Jewish cinema and TV connection, your go-to Jewish community is COMING SOON to JEWZY. The one thing that brings all Jews together is TV and a love for movies. This is the full schmear. Laugh, cry, kvetch – all in one place. COMING SOON

“A new stronger Jewish future is on the horizon, built on the collaboration of new ventures and new technology. We are delighted that JEWZY.TV will play an active role in strengthening the American Jewish community by thinking outside the box, forging new alliances and giving back. JEWZY.TV's offer brings the right media at the right time and adds a Tikkun Olam attitude,”

Barbara Birch, President & CEO, ORT AMERICA

Sure, we’re crazy about the great content that you love, but we’re also on a mission to make you fall in love with movies and programs you don’t even know yet.

Hand-Picked Greats and Hidden Gems

The JEWZY movie selectors and negotiators are leading professionals in the movie and TV distribution business. They know it all and have seen it all. We trust them implicitly. From Hollywood to NYC, London to Tel Aviv, they use their experience and good taste to find exciting Jewish titles for us all. Often, they’ll discover movies you’ve never heard of – but we should have…and they did! Most are American, but there’s a good number from Israel and all over the world. The most exciting of these titles are generally loaded up every Thursday and will be available only for a few weeks. JEWZY provides new content every day.

We Belong Together

JEWZY will be on ROKU, Apple TV, SAMSUNG TV, Amazon Fire, iPhones, Android cell phones and on the internet via Google Play and App Store.

You Don’t Have to be Jewish…

There’s something exciting for everyone. Whatever your Jewish or Jew-ish interest, or none, JEWZY is confident you’ll find lots of exciting entertainment, premium entertainment. The selection from Israel is a particular pride and joy – there’s a cinematic revolution going on there, and we are so fortunate to have found a broad range of compelling, thrilling and funny movies for you. JEWZY offers the broadest range of “Jewish” Hollywood movies, comedies, thrillers, hidden gems, Award-winning Israeli titles and even i24 News. You can watch them ALL…all for the price of one. What’s not to like?


JEWZY.TV will launch to bring the best of mainstream Jewish entertainment together with less well-known titles and also JEWZY originals. The aim is to make Jewish glamorous, exciting and good fun. There are deals pending with major Hollywood studios. “We know people want to see great Jewish American cinema and TV, and they also want to help their communities” says JEWZY.TV founder, Jeremy Wootliff, “I am very proud of our team. They’ve selected a fantastic choice and we can help develop Jewish life thru entertainment. We can reach the affiliated AND the unaffiliated. We all love TV and movies.” They also offer the JAP, the “JEWZY.TV Affiliate Program” to provide a new revenue stream for good causes and they encourage charities to contact them. “Loud, proud and empowering – we hope everyone will share our vision to embolden Jewish identity through mainstream entertainment.”


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